Binging With Babish Prepares Milk Steak and Riot Juice in an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Special

Binging With Babish host Andrew Rea gets a little drunk on grain alcohol and prepares milk steak, riot juice, and some of the gang’s other classic recipes in an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia special. Along with faithful recreations of the strange recipes from the show, Rea also made more palatable versions including a grilled Charlie with chocolate, brie, and peanut butter on brioche.

The gang dreams up some disgusting, heavily alcoholic dishes and drinks in the irreverent multiple-people-shouting-at-once-comedy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Strap on your kitten mittens and whip up some wine in a can as we faithfully recreate each revolting repast, and if you aren’t blackout drunk yet, see if we can make them palatable.