Beneath360, A Short Film About High Divers Shot in 360°

Beneath360 is a 4 minute short film by British director Amanda Bluglass which shows a 360° panoramic view of Olympic high board medalist Tom Daley, Olympiad Brooke Graddon and under 12 champion Victoria Vincent as they each dive into the water from a 10m board. It was viewed on a 360° projected screen during the London 2012 Olympics.

A unique immersive film in 360° with 6.1 surround sound audio, created for exhibition at the Weymouth Maritime Mix – London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea, with sponsorship from GoPro.

An Olympic short film ‘Beneath360’ in association with ICCI and Arts Council England. Featuring World champion and Olympic medalist 10m board diver Tom Daley, GB Olympiad Brooke Graddon and Under 12 GB champion Victoria Vincent. Cameras Neil Hope, Vince Knight and Danny Cooke, music by John Hendicott, edited by Vince Knight, directed by Amanda Bluglass.


image via Beneath 360

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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