Beer 30, A Budget Beer Line That Says Anytime is the Right Time!

Beer 30 Light

Beer 30 Light at Archer’s Tavern in Centerville, Ohio

Beer 30 is a canned budget beer line with a humorous name and a tagline that reads, “Anytime is the right time!”. It’s made at Wisconsin’s City Brewery by contract brewer Melanie Brewing Company and is reviewed extensively on Beeradvocate. Mussetter Distributing wrote a piece that describes the beer’s interesting history and discovered that they keep their “rock bottom” pricing by not advertising the line at all. Beer 30 is available in Light and Ice.

Melanie was doing a good business selling Evil Eye High Gravity Lager when one of its distributors in Colorado asked them to come up with a private label 30 pack budget beer. You may wonder why on earth a distributor would want something like that. The truth is they were getting clobbered by competition in the college towns and military bases. “We knew that it had to have a catchy name, great taste, and a price driven to reach out to the target consumer,” says partner Jeff Ciesco. They came up with the name “Beer-30” (referring to the common punchline when somebody asks when is it time to have that first beer, as well as referring to the number of cans in each case), and within two months they were selling 12,000 cases a month in one market.

photo by Scott Beale

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff