‘Beauty After Breast Cancer’, Survivors Show Their Scars in Forthcoming Book via Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Katelyn Carey, a breast cancer survivor and author, has come up with the lovely idea of presenting the scars of breast cancer as a source of strength and pride in her forthcoming book Beauty After Breast Cancer. The book will feature photos of 33 women who have undergone mastectomy surgery related to breast cancer as a way to educate newly diagnosed women and to give them hope, support and empathy.

What if when you go into the doctor’s office you see a book of amazing, beautiful women of all ages who are showing different versions of mastectomies, lumpectomies, reconstruction, or not. They are just there on the table: proud, feminine, and unashamed. Would that change your experience? I believe it would. I believe it would make a tremendous difference. I believe it would create understanding, hope, and a better ability to talk about feelings and options without feeling alone or judged. Therefore, I will see it happen. “Beauty after Breast Cancer” is a coffee table style book for surgeon’s offices, cancer centers, and breast centers that shows women facing surgery the changes in their appearances that they need to adjust to, and the changes in their self-confidence and sense of beauty that they don’t need to make at all. For here are 33 women, seen through the unbiased lens of a camera, that is not colored by grief, fear, or self-consciousness. They are beautiful, and not at all lessened by their experiences. If they can do it, you say, so can I.

Katelyn is currently raising funds through Kickstarter which will help to help publish and distribute the book by November 2015.

via Boing Boing