Beautiful Mirrored Art Installations in the Desert by Iranian Artist Shirin Abedinirad


Tehran- and Florence-based artist Shirin Abedinirad built Evocation and Narcissus, two mirrored art installations in the desert of Iran. Evocation, the artist writes, represents the relationships between the “human mind and the fundamental elements in nature such as wind, and sand among others.” Her use of mirrors in this piece represents water. Narcissus uses mirrors held upright in sand, “showing the beauty of the desert to itself.”

Another mirrored piece by Abedinirad—Heaven on Earth—was installed directly on a set of stairs to create an illusion of walking in the sky at Fabrica in Treviso, Italy last year.

evocation close up


Narcissus 2

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth clouds reflected on stairs

photos via Shirin Abedinirad

via Cross Connect Magazine, Colossal