BAVC Innovation Salon II, Rescuing The Music Industry

BAVC Innovation Salon

Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), an amazing resource for media production and distribution, is hosting Innovation Salon II (their second in a series of four salons) this Thursday, June 28th at the San Francisco Apple Store. The subject of this installment of the series is “Guitar Heroes – How are Bay Area Companies Coming to the Rescue of the Music Industry?”, a panel moderated by Lydia Popovich (Quannum Projects), featuring Elise Nordling (SomaFM), Steve Bronstein (IODA), Jessica Stoner Steel (Pandora), Dusty DiMercurio (Digidesign) and Gabriel Benveniste (SonicLiving).

From how music is produced to how music finds its way to listeners, Bay Area companies have revolutionized the music world. We’ve watched companies like Digidesign turn nearly every recording studio digital and Apple make it possible to put our entire music library in our pockets. Now add to that IODA, Gracenote, Real Rhapsody, Yahoo, Snocap,, Pandora, SonicLiving, INgrooves and IRIS, and the Bay Area becomes ground zero for the future of music.