Ball Pit, An Upcoming Full-Length Album by Paul and Storm

Comedy-music duo Paul and Storm is currently working on Ball Pit, their fifth full-length album. The project is seeking funding on Kickstarter in order to finish the album and create a music video for “This Song,” an EP of five cover songs titled Extra Balls, and ten new RPG “songlets.”

With your help, we can make a spectacle of the release, and surround it with other, related cool projects to help make a real splash and hopefully garner some extra attention to the new release. Cool projects like professionally-produced music videos. Like a bonus EP with cover songs and collaborations. Like an RPG soundboard app. Maybe even an animated holiday special, a live concert video, or a video project of us going on tour in an ice-cream-and-guacamole truck. YES, AN ICE CREAM TRUCK. WITH GUACAMOLE.

Ball Pit

video and image via Paul and Storm

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