Awkward Family Photos, Embarrassing The Ones You Love

guest post by Burstein!


You know what they say– the family that caters together stays together.

In a model analogous to Look At This Fucking Hipster, Awkward Family Photos is a nifty little blog of, well, awkward family photos an snarky commentary. There is something inherently uncomfortable looking at these photos, at least for me, because some either bring up specific knowledge of photos of my family… or at least evoke the “there I go but for the grace of God” sentiment.

Family Tree

Ok, maybe not there I go but… you know what i meant. Still, there is something charming about the Awkwardian Era, Awklord of the Rings, and even that infamous godawful Christmas photo. The appeal lies in the naked exposure of each of us in our dorky glory when we are not trying to be anything beyond being happy with our family.

via Lee LeFever on Twitter