Awesome Shield, An Arduino Device That Helps Kids Learn Basic Coding and Hardware Skills

Awesome Shield is an Arduino device and learning platform that teaches kids basic coding and hardware skills through instructional videos and hands-on lessons. The hardware features various components that can be programmed to create a wide variety of projects, and additional components and sensors can be added to the shield to expand its capabilities.

The kit is designed for ages 10-16 and can be used by anyone looking for an introductory level guide to coding and hardware development.

The team behind Awesome Shield has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce more video tutorials and to manufacture more hardware. Campaign backers can claim discounted Awesome Shield kits as rewards.

Awesome Shield is custom hardware, simplified code, and more than 100 online video tutorials that make coding fun and easy. Future inventors learn at their own pace, developing new skills by creating hands-on projects.

Awesome Shield Steps

Awesome Shield Burglar Alarm

Awesome Shield Theremin

Awesome Shield Diagram

Awesome Shiled Add-ons

images via Awesome Shields

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