Attaboy’s 2nd Annual YArt Sale

Attaboy's 2nd Annual YArt Sale

Attaboy’s 2nd Annual YArt Sale takes place this Saturday, October 21st at The Dark Room in San Francisco. Just like last year, this is a great opputunity to pick up orginal Attaboy artwork at a reasonable price. And it’s a for a good cause too, it keeps the worker bees fed at the Yumfactory so they can keep making cool stuff.

Its Attaboy’s infamous YArt Sale.
Over 500 original drawings from the past six years
from Attaboy. All different.
Some pieces are genius, many pathetic, and others even more
rediculously stupid, will be exhibited on nothing but flat tables
and clothes lines, the way that YArt should be displayed.
and sold first come first served.
Each table and area will have it’s price indicated,
There will be tables ranging from $10, $20 and up.
90% of the drawings is under $50.
Some higher priced recent art will also be available.

Also available for the first time will be the elusive
pink and black Fuzzy on the Outside Axtrx Flocked Vinyls
and a few rare copies of Hi-Fructose Magazine.

Many works of art up for sale have been seen in
magazines and box art.
100’s of Illustrations and original line drawings
have been used for weekly papers. Others have been turned into
designer vinyl toys, calendars, stationery, or eventually turned
into a sticker that was reproduced 20,000 times.
Here’s your chance to get the original,often
with notes, scribbles, phone numbers, and lymirics never
intended to be seen by anyone. Your phone number may
be on one of them so you had better get it.

There’s no waiting.
You like it, you throw down the dough, you take it home.

Doors will open at 12 noon and viewers can peruse the selection
of rare to well done drawings, paintings,and images.
Get there on times as at 12:15 a siren will sound and
people can grab the art they want,
pay for it and be headed out the door, fullfilled.

This is a string cheese and cracker jack affair
and your special guests
Jim Fourniadis and Ty McKenzie will create a
musical soundtrack for your bargain buying just for you.

limited edition toys, stickers, books, and other
goods will also be available.
Some one of a kind samples as well.

Here are my photos from last July’s YArt Sale.

YArt Sale

UPDATE: Here are photos from Attaboy’s 2nd Annual YArt Sale.

photo credit: Scott Beale