Ask Dr. Hal, Only 2 More at The Odeon Bar

Ask Dr. Hal

photo by Scott Beale

In what must be a true sign of the Apocalypse, tonight is the 2nd to last “Ask Dr. Hal” that will take place a The Odeon Bar before it closes down for good. This will also be the last ever after-show Odeon bus trip to destinations unknown. As an extra special treat, the absurdly hilarious Will Franken will be opening tonight’s show. All the gory details can be found on the Squid List post.

Dr. Hal expounds:

WHEREAS the Odeon Bar has been sold, and the new owners will take possession in the middle of May, after which time the Odeon will cease to exist, and there will never be another “Ask Dr. Hal” show in the bar; therefore be it known that we are announcing in this space that there are still TWO (2) Ask Dr. Hal shows remaining, closing our successful 5-year run. This Wednesday we invite you to join us on our final post-show bus trip, on May 11h, a week after, yes, the traditional first Wednesday of May, since last week Chicken was “indisposed.” We will try to make one last bus trip this week, since there will NEVER be another Odeon late night bus-to-bowling party. Be aboard! Adieu, Serra Bowl! Sayonara, Mullet Man (or Pon-a-dour Man)! And, we promise that coming up on the 18th our last show ever at the old Odeon– mark your calendar– will be a memorable, elaborate extravaganza, the capstone to the Ask Dr. Hal edifice we have constructed over the years. We intend to pull out all the stops. Our show on the 18th will be one for the record books. To all who have supported us we give thanks– we invite you to be with us during these final three shows, after which the Odeon’s familiar blue, yellow and crimson sign will nevermore shine above lower Mission Street, where this Wednesday night…

Plus, this Saturday, May 14th, don’t miss “Rococo Risque Buffet – A Tribute to the Odeon Bar!”. One more great event as we wind down to the final days of The Odeon Bar.

UPDATE: My photos from this show are now online.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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