Artist Creates Creepy Typeface With Human Skin, Hair, and Eyes

Kerozen Typeface R

Creative director JC Debroize of graphic design studio Kerozen crafted this startling typeface to appear like human flesh and features. Speaking with Co.Design, Debroize says the designs were initially made with modeling clay before adding the more colorful touches.

“We shot pictures of the letters and of the design team’s faces. Then I made a mapping of skin textures on the letters with Photoshop and added the hair and the eyes. It was not a problem to show an unflattering image of us. We laughed a lot making this.”

Kerozen Typeface K

Kerozen Typeface Z

Kerozen Typeface N

Kerozen Typeface Name

images via JC Debroize

via Fast Company Co.Design, Abduzeedo, DesignTAXI

Rollin Bishop
Rollin Bishop