Artist Completely Recreates Her Grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental Using White Cardboard

Miles to Empty

American artist Shannon Goff has crafted “Miles To Empty“, an amazingly detailed cardboard recreation of her grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V. From the logo to the wheel well to the hand-carved steering wheel, Goff left no part, no matter how insignificant, of the car unaddressed.

a special edition collector’s series 1979 lincoln continental mark V, painted in metallic turquoise with a white vinyl carriage roof, turquoise leather interior and a cartier clock. ‘best built for the highway, the mark V’s smooth ride conjured up the sensation of floating on a cloud’

Miles to Empty” is currently being shown at the Susanne Hilberry Gallery in Ferndale, Michigan through November 14.

Miles to Empty Front

Miles to Empty Front Seat

Miles to Empty Logo

Miles to Empty Rear

Miles to Empty Wheel Well

Miles to Empty

photos via Shannon Goff

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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