Arrested Development Movie Kinda Confirmed

On yesterday’s Countdown show on MSNBC, Jason Bateman was a guest, plugging his new flick Hancock. Host of Countdown Keith Olbermann seemed a little obsessed with what Will Smith is like, though he does profess to be a huge fan of Arrested Development (probably this mikl’s favorite show of all time).

Another Arrested Development star makes a surprise appearance as well–you just watch the clip to find out who it is. In the process Olbermann asks them about the much rumored Arrested Development movie, which Bateman essentially confirms is in the works, and that the “numbers” are being worked on. That’s a very exciting prospect for all us Bluth fans

To complete the tribute to Arrested D, I’d like to say what I always say about that show: watching it is like getting the shit beaten out of you with comedy. Comedo-Masochists everywhere, unite!


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