Arrested Development Movie: Coming in 2011 Says Mitch Hurwitz

Speaking during an interview with Leicester Square TV, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz confirmed that he is currently writing an Arrested Development movie script. He also said he hopes to shoot and release the film before the end of the year. That said IMDB lists the film’s release as 2012. At least they list it. Hurwitz told Digital Spy similar news.

The conversation seemed to confirm that everyone from the series cast would be in the film. And he revealed that the rumor that Michael Cera didn’t want to do the film (because he’s become such big a movie star) was propagated by the cast (including Cera), until he started to get hate mail from fans.

Here’s another great interview clip about the show’s origins and development

And a final word from Will Arnett (aka Gob Bluth) about the movie, and how he should be bigger on the DVD box.

Leicester Square TV’s YouTube channel has several more clips from these interviews.