Armored Combat League of America, A Medieval Fighting Tournament Featuring Real Period Armor and Weapons

Barcroft TV traveled to New York City to profile the New York Sentinels, local members of the Armored Combat League of America, a fight club-style tournament featuring combatants dressed in medieval armor who attack one another with full-force using period weaponry. There are currently some 100 knights around the US competing in the league, many of whom constructed their own suits.

Our plans for the future of the sport is to grow this throughout the United States,” added Jaye who has a wife and son both involved in the ACL. We want this in every city, in every part of the country so that you can find somewhere and get away from New York or other every day doldrums and just get that adrenaline fix.You also get the camaraderie of combat, the brotherhood—you get to do what our ancestors did.