Ardu McDuino, An Arduino Based Robot That Uses 3D Printed Fingers to Play the Bagpipes

Ardu McDuino is an Arduino-based robot by John “XenonJohn” Dingley that uses 3D-printed fingers to play a bagpipe chanter. The fingers are an upgrade from the previous versions of Ardu McDuino that used simpler mechanisms to control the chanter.

Dingley outlined the steps of his build in a post on Instructables.

Bagpipe chanter playing robot. A chanter is a low cost device allowing you to learn to play the bagpipes. It resembles the important part of bagpipes, i.e. the part that plays the main tune with a reed and finger holes, you just blow down it for now until I can make a suitable air pump.

Ardu McDuino Fingers Numbered

Ardu McDuino numbered connections

images via John Dingley

via Technabob