An In-Depth Look at The World of Zentai

Zentai is the practice of wearing a full body suit (typically Lycra, though other materials fall into Zentai labels) for private enjoyment or exhibitionism. The suits can be colorful, animal themes or even sinister looking, and personal use ranges from sexual enjoyment to wearing the suits in public for fun and amusement — as seen at The Zentai Project.

While Zentai has been a staple of blog fodder for years as the prime example of far-out fetishes one can find with the click of a mouse, the fetish has had little thoughtful examination, nor has anyone bothered to talk to practitioners to hear the story from their side of the Spandex. At The Daily Beast, Will Doig did just that in his article “Men Who Love Lycra”. While the writeup is dressed with the sensationalism you might expect to someone who’s never encountered zentai (which is not always a sexual fetish), Doig’s piece by far the most in depth and titillating piece on the subject to date. It comes with its own shiny gallery, too.