An Explanation of Mr. Rogers Those Who Never Saw His Show and a Lovely Reminder For Those Who Did

Whenever the name “Fred Rogers” is mentioned, usually there will be one of two responses will be garnered; those who’d never heard of him and those who nostalgically remember a quiet, compassionate man with a cardigan collection as endless as his kindness . This video by BuzzFeedPop is for both the aforementioned groups – an explanation for the kids who’d never seen Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and a lovely reminder for those of us who had.

Watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood was kinda like visiting your grandparents except you actually like going especially in the neighborhood of make-believe. The show didn’t rely on gimmicks to hold your attention. The set looked like something you’d make in your basement and the puppets were worn from years of play and affection, showing that you don’t need much to have an amazing adventure – just a bit of imagination.