An Art Show Tribute to the Films of Quentin Tarantino & the Coen Brothers at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco

by Bruce White
artwork by Bruce White

Quentin vs. Coen is an upcoming group art show at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco featuring a collection of original artwork inspired by the prolific film directors Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers. The art show opens on Saturday, July 5th from 6 to 10 PM and runs until Saturday, July 26th.

Over 60 artists were invited to reinterpret their favorite scenes, characters and films from the prolific directors, resulting in an eclectic showing of inspirational fine art. Showcasing a plethora of original works from painting and sculpture to limited edition screen prints and digital works, Quentin vs Coen demonstrates a wide range of mediums and practices.

Here is a list of the featured artists:

Sherif Adel, Derek Ballard, Oliver Barrett, Joshua Budich, Sandi Calistro, Tracie Ching, Dan Christofferson, Craig Church, Ben Clarke, Nick Comparone, Ken Davis, Tim Doyle, Matt Dye, Jason Edmiston, Anarkitty, Veronica Fish, Sam Gilbey, Ian Glaubinger, Gene Guynn, Sam Ho, Christine Hostetler, Primary Hughes, Tim Jordan, Alex Kirzhener, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Doug LaRocca, Nan Lawson, Tula Lotay, Steve Mac Donald, Dave MacDowell, Tim Maclean, Adam Maida, Crowded Teeth, Scott Mitchell, David Moscati, Joemur, Johannah O’Donnell, Rich Pellegrino, Joel Daniel Phillips, Michael Ramstead, Fernando Reza, Jesse Riggle, Jermaine Rogers, Cuyler Smith, Peter Strain, Meghan Stratman, Maria Suarez-Inclan, Tatiana Suarez, Geoff Trapp, Justin VanGenderen, John Wentz, Bruce White, Bec Winnel, and Kate Zambrano.

Way out west there was this fella… (The Big Lebowski) by Joshua Budich
Way out west there was this fella… by Joshua Budich

artwork by Jason Edmiston
artwork by Jason Edmiston

by Joel Daniel Phillips
artwork by Joel Daniel Phillips

by Rich Pellegrino
artwork by Rich Pellegrino

Quentin vs Coen

images via Spoke Art and credited arists