An Animation Questioning Death, What It Means to Be Alive, and Whether There Is a Difference Between the Two

In a recent videoKurzgesagt questions death, what it means to be alive, and whether there really is a difference between the two. The video starts as a scientific look at what separates a living organism from non-living matter, but quickly evolves into a more philosophical discussion about the nature of life.

As medical science and understanding has developed through history, the human concept of life has changed several times, and Kurzgesagt proposes that advancements in computers and artificial intelligence may soon cause it to change once again.

Kurzgesagt recommends reading the article “What Makes You You?” from the site Wait But Why as a follow up to their video. The article covers several ideas on the nature of self and proposes hypothetical situations like swapping brains with former president Bill Clinton and then being tortured as tests on the idea of how one sees oneself.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Glen Tickle
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