Alltop, Collecting Stories From Top Sites Around The Web


Guy Kawasaki, director of Garage Technology Ventures and founder of Truemors, has just launched Alltop, a collection of stories from top websites around the web, organized by topic on a single page. Alltop was inspired by the excellent single page aggregator popurls created by Thomas Marban.

We help you explore your passions by collecting stories from all the top sites on the web. We’ve grouped these collections aggregations into individual Alltop sites based on topics such as celebrity gossip, fashion, gaming, sports, politics, automobiles, and Macintosh. At each Alltop site, we display the latest five stories from thirty or more sites on a single page we call this “single-page aggregation.”

You can think of an Alltop site as a “dashboard” or “table of contents” for your favorite topic. To be clear, Alltop sites are starting points they are not destinations per se. The bottom line is that we are trying to enhance your online reading by both displaying stories from the sites that you’re already visiting and unveiling stories from sites that you didn’t know existed.

Laughing Squid is honored to be included in the “Oddities” category along with our friends from Fark. Another interesting category is the appropriately named “Egos”, featuring posts from some, but not all, of the top bloggers. Those who didn’t make the list might have their egos hurt, but one thing is for sure, they will blog about it.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

Scott Beale founded Laughing Squid in 1995 in San Francisco and is currently based in New York City. When not running the blog, Scott can be found posting on Threads and sharing photos on Instagram.