Airblock, A Modular Starter Drone That’s Easy to Assemble, Program, and Fly


Airblock by Makeblock is a modular starter drone that’s easy for users to assemble, program, and fly. The drone’s pieces can be assembled into the basic drone design, but also a hovercraft, air-powered car, or other creative configurations. Users can program their creation with a Scratch-inspired drag-and-drop language and control it through the Makebot app.

Makeblock is raising money for the Airblock through a Kickstarter campaign where backers can claim the drone for a discount as a reward.

With Airblock, you’re able to compete in a variety of games. Race against each other in different modes or even have an epic air battle! Tell your buddies about Airblock, because the only thing more fun than flying an Airblock is flying an Airblock with friends!

Airblock Drone

Airblock Modes

Airblock LEGO Car

Airblock Component Diagram

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