Adventures in Plymptoons! Documentary About Animator Bill Plympton

Adventures in Plymptoons! by Alexia Anastasio is a documentary about animator Bill Plympton (trailer). The film will be screened on February 17 at the Boulder International Film Festival, February 20 at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula, Montana, and March 8 at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, New York.

This is a collaborative “portrait“ piece on Bill Plympton: The King of Indie Animation. It evolved into a uniquely molded peek into Bill’s creative vision and the inspiration for his hand drawn, animation art. The film crew interviewed and followed Bill on his travels to film festivals, animation master classes and personal appearances in New York City, Woodstock, LA and Portland, Oregon where Bill originally hails from and back to his studio in New York City where his animation magic happens.