Adam Savage Announces the Launch of Nation of Makers, A Nonprofit Supporting Makers in the US

Adam Savage has launched the nonprofit Nation of Makers, a group of more than 300 organizations with the goal of supporting makers, sharing resources, and creating a national maker community.

Savage announced Nation of Makers in a video post on Tested. Anyone interested in getting involved can sign up for the Nation of Makers newsletter to get updates about the organization.

Nation of Makers is working with leaders from the maker community in all 50 states and has received more than 300 letters of support from hackerspaces, makerspaces, companies, libraries, local government and economic development agencies across the U.S. who have already experienced the positive impact of the Maker Movement locally, and are committed to continuing to foster the growth and inclusivity of the maker community. In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week USA, Nation of Makers celebrates the entrepreneurship represented by the American maker community.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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