ACCRC Re-Make, 24 Hours of Rebuilding and Re-Engineering

This Saturday, April 28th, Berkeley’s amazing computer recycling center Alameda County Computer Resource Center (ACCRC) is hosting Re-Make, 24 hours of rebuilding, re-engineering, recycling and generally geeking out. Need inspiration? Check out the ACCRC Silliness video, episode 2, where ACCRC founder James Burgett explains how he is making a hydrogen-powered Lincoln.

The ACCRC, a computer recycling center in Berkeley, will be hosting a 24-hour rebuilding, re-engineering, and recycling event. The center will open its doors to Makers who want to root through the piles of old electronics and build new and working things out of the ashes.

Bring your own tools and sleeping bag.

We’ll be figuring something out for pizza and beverages, at some point in the evening. Lovely 4th Street, Berkeley is within walking distance for food and coffee as well.

At the end of the 24 hour event, we’ll see what has happened. Who knows, someone might build something cool, the hydrogen car might be improved, someone might have jabbed an eye out…

There is potential for things to get out of hand with power tools, engines, and vast amounts of computers. We’ll need volunteers to be designated ninnies, and shout “DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR EAR!”

As such, we ask that you behave yourselves and use the time to be constructive, rather than destructive… though blowing up inkjet printers and nuking laptops is entirely likely.