‘Absolutely Rose Street’, A 1994 Infomercial for the Sega 32X Add-On for the Sega Genesis Video Game Console

“Absolutely Rose Street” is a somewhat surreal 1994 infomercial for the Sega 32X add-on for the Sega Genesis video game console. The blog Video Game Ephemera–which ripped the video from a VHS tape allegedly sent out by Sega’s PR firm all those years ago–has a lengthy article on the infomercial’s history and odd contents.

Absolutely Rose Street delivers its message while masquerading as the pilot episode of a young adult TV show. It’s kind of like Beverly Hills, 90210, but with a bunch of Sega games and hardware lying around. The plot concerns Game Beat, a cable TV show hosted by Christina Savage and her hotheaded sort-of boyfriend Max Jackson. As the story begins, the station manager is screening an episode of Game Beat for producer Joe Whitehead. He asks Joe to take charge of the show and polish it up to please a potential sponsor. But Joe has other plans: He wants to cancel Game Beat and give its time slot to Styling With Stella, a show about fashion tips hosted by Joe’s girlfriend, Stella Lightwood.

via Chris Bieniek