Above, Below, and In Between, A Music Composition Featuring a Microsoft Kinetic Instrument Installation

Above, Below, and In Between is a site-specific music composition by kinetic sculptor and artist Trimpin for the Seattle Symphony that features a kinetic instrument installation that works together with live players and gesture-based conducting. Conductor Ludovic Morlot conducted the premiere of the composition on May 1, 2015. For the gesture-based conducting, Trimpin ultimately went with the Microsoft Kinect.

The kinetic instrument installation consists of a 24-reedhorn sculpture made with materials found from a pump organ, and a set of concert chimes originally owned by the composer Henry Brant, both will be installed between the nine columns of the Benaroya Hall Promenade. A prepared grand piano equipped with small robotic devices that pluck, bow, scratch or play the strings will be positioned on the floor of the Grand Lobby.

Seattle Symphony

image via Seattle Symphony