A Traveling X-RAY Light Painting Studio Exposing What a Person Looks Like When Lit From the Inside

Photographer Julian Cash of Aurora Light Portraits, whose amazing light painting portraits we’ve written about before, is looking to take his creative journey to the next level. He’s doing so by building a traveling X-RAY light painting studio for live public use during the Percona Live MySQL Conference 2016 in Santa Clara, California on April 19th or 20th. The photos will expose “what a person looks like when lit from the inside.” Julian is currently raising funds on Indiegogo to help bring the project to life.

Light Painting Portraits are a rare and incredible art form. I’ve been pioneering and expanding this art form. This campaign will help me to take Light Painting portraits in places where it would otherwise be impossible. With your help, the studio will be equipped with the best technology imaginable, which will make for countless magical and fantastical images. This can only happen with your help.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips