A Remarkable Quilt Featuring a Colorful Animated Galloping Horse Based on 19th-Century Photographs

Animated horse quilt

Animator Nina Paley designed a remarkable quilt consisting of 12 blocks, each featuring a horse in a different position as it gallops. When photographed and animated in a 12-frame loop (what Paley calls quiltimiation), the result is a stunning mix of color and patterns as the horse gallops. The quilt fill patterns are by Chris Carlson and stitchcoding and binding were done by Theodore Gray. The animation itself is based on horse gait photographs by 19th-century English photographer Eadweard Muybridge.

The animation at full speed:

Animated horse quilt fast

And the animation slowed down for reference:

Animated horse quilt slow

images via Nina Paley’s Blog

via Nina Paley