A ‘Proof-of-Concept’ Video for a Film Adaptation of the Novel ‘The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To’

Filmmakers Dan Eckman and Meggie McFadden have posted a “proof-of-concept” video for a film adaptation of the novel The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To by their frequent collaborator DC Pierson.

The video introduces the two main characters Darren Bennett and Eric Lederer, teenage outcasts who are working on a comic book that comes to life.

THE BOY WHO COULDN’T SLEEP AND NEVER HAD TO is a coming-of-age sci-fi adventure in the tradition of “Back To The Future,” with classic teen-movie themes like friendship, first love, and betrayal playing out on a superhuman scale.

Darren, a high school outcast whose only refuge is his homemade comic book, gets launched into an adventure way cooler than anything he could dream up when he discovers his best friend has no biological need for sleep and can bring their dreams into reality.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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