A ple Sto e, A Knockoff Apple Store in Myanmar


The “A ple Sto e” sign

While in Myanmar, GO of RocketNews24 visited the “A ple Sto e” (aka “iTAB”), an unofficial Apple Store that was full of all kinds of great “slightly off” things including out-of-date Apple products, unusual signage and a memorial portrait of Steve Jobs. The article furthers, “Everything in the store seemed touched by Jobs.” Be sure to check out all of the photos of the store at RocketNews24.

Just before leaving, GO asked one of the ladies “Is this an official Apple Store?”

“This is a store that carries Apple products,” she said in an angelic voice with a smile.


“…Steve Jobs’ autobiography on display along with an iei (memorial portrait of a deceased person)…



…the logo on the handle was actually the Steve Jobs Apple logo variation done by Jonathan Mak a couple years ago.

photos by GO via RocketNews24

via RocketNews24