A ‘Horribly Distasteful’ Christmas Sweater Featuring Bigfoot


Scott Heffernan, Official Hairy Man in Bigfoot Sweater

This year’s ugly holiday sweater by Archie McPhee shows Bigfoot wearing a Santa Claus hat. It’s simply called the Bigfoot Sweater and is available to buy in limited quantities at their website. They warn: “This one-size-fits-most sweater is sausage-casing-tight on a 2XL person and awkwardly loose on a medium frame.” Last year’s “horribly distasteful” Christmas sweater by Archie McPhee featured Krampus and before that, Cthulhu.

Bigfoot not only celebrates Christmas, you should see the size of his stocking
…It’s a festive Bigfoot Sweater that lets the world know you’re in the holiday spirit and are fascinated by cryptozoology. This Santa Sasquatch is making his way through the forests of the Pacific Northwest to prove that he exists. It’s the perfect look for an ugly sweater party this holiday season.