A Happy Christmas Message From Darren Hayes of Savage Garden

Singer and songwriter Darren Hayes of Savage Garden tells a sweet autobiographical childhood story of a past Christmas for his supporters in the video, Happy Christmas from Darren Hayes. His story goes back to 1980 when he and his family were living in a trailer park and his mother saved every week for Star Wars figurines to gift him.


I’ve made a little Christmas video message for all of you. It took me weeks to film all the little parts and come up with exactly what I wanted to say. It means a lot to me so I hope you like it. It comes from the heart.

Normally I make a card or post some kind of artwork but this year I wanted to make a video piece. So I did. It’s the thought that counts right?

Regardless of religion – this time of year always makes me so grateful for what I have and for those I love. You are a huge part of my gratitude. Making ‘Secret Codes and Battleships’ would have been a hundred times more difficult if it wasn’t for all of you. Your support, faith and belief in me got me through my darkest days and is a constant source of inspiration. Knowing that you encourage me and want me to succeed has given me so much strength and purpose and I can never repay you for that. Instead all I can do is keep doing what I love to do and say, at every chance I get, thank you. Thank you for inspiring me and for allowing me to do every day the thing that makes my heart sing. I hope you have a wonderful holiday time whatever your beliefs – and that 2012 is the year of love.

In fact, I hope you’re smothered in love!


Thanks to JahFurry for the tip!

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff