A Hacked Payphone That Plays a Selection of 90 Songs From the 1990s

“Digital alchemist” Fuzzy Wobble demonstrates the 90 From The 90’s Boombox, a hacked payphone that plays a selection of 90 songs from the 1990s including tracks from Sugar Ray, Chumbawumba, and Coolio.

When I first started this project I suspected payphones would be hard to get, expensive, and a hassle to hack. I was wrong on all three! Online I was able to get city-grade cast-iron/stainless payphone for relatively cheap. And the hack, surprisingly, turned out to be quite elegant :)

A step-by-step guide to creating the boombox is available on Instructables.

Phone Boombox GIF

Phone Boombox Disassembled


images via Fuzzy Wobble

via Hackaday