A Funny & Moving Interview with Comedian Tig Notaro on Conan

“They got all the cancer, and it did not spread, and my prognosis is great.”

Comedian Tig Notaro was a recent guest on Conan and talked about her bout with stage 2 breast cancer in a both very funny and very real way (as only she could do). Notaro announced she had cancer to a live audience (after learning she had it just 3 days prior) in August 2012 at the Largo theater in Los Angeles. On October 5, 2012, Louis C.K. will make that (now legendary) performance available to purchase at his website. Comedian Kira Hesser was at the performance and described it in detail on her Tumblr blog, The Way We Weren’t. Notaro is now free of cancer.

Here is the December 2011 ‘stool sounds’ video that is referenced in the interview: