A Cute Set of Skull and Owl Molded Cookie Cutters/Egg Shapers


Cookie/egg molds shaped like a silly skull and a wide-eyed owl. The molds are dishwasher and food safe, are very easy to use and fun all year round .

Whether you’re baking cookies for Halloween or spicing up breakfast for your kiddos, these molds will make food fun! To use with eggs, place the mold in your frying pan and crack two eggs into the rings. It’s that simple. When breakfast has come and gone, they make perfect cookie cutters for the next bake sale.

  • Shape & mold two eggs into a owl or skull shape
  • Simply place the mold in your frying pan & crack two eggs into the rings to get started
  • Put in the dishwasher to clean (yes, they’re dishwasher safe!)