A Considerate Calico Persian Cat Gives Free Back Massages to Her Very Willing Human

An adorable calico Persian named Graveskull very considerately gives free back massages to her very willing human, so long as she stays still. Graveskull is also a confidently sassy kitty who lives in New York City with said humans and canine sibling Señor Tacos.

I am a 3 year old Persian cat from NYC named Graveskull. Yes u heard me: GRAVESKULL. Talents: I am great at giving back massages. My humans named me after He-Man´s castle. Human thought it was so hilarious that my meowmie thought his castle’s name was Graveskull, and not Grayskull so they decided to name me that. That’s basically the story behind my name. I have an older brother; a boston terrier names Senor Tacos and we get along perfectly fine. …I love him a lot even though he always looks sad and grumpy.

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