A Clever Parody Showing Why Makeup Never Looks the Same Way at Home as It Does on Commercials

In the latest of their “Honest Ads” series, Cracked has created a wondeful parody of the beauty industry with a fairly credible mock commercial that shows why the makeup shown on the model never looks the same when applied at home.

My race is beauty and its makeup can get you there. Not this makeup obviously not the makeup that we’re selling because that would be insane. Behind the camera there’s Ada, an extremely well paid makeup artist. She uses the good stuff – her makeup is diamond infused. Ronnie our camera guy he’s shooting this thirty second spot with the same camera they used Avatar. … Brandon here gets paid more than you saved for your child’s college tuition to sit in a dark room and blur, enhance and color correct every blemish, dark spots and wrinkle I absolutely do have. Because I’m human