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Our friend Jason Scott, caretaker of Sockington, the most popular cat on Twitter, recently took a trip to A Chance for Bliss, an animal sanctuary and in Penryn, CA. Here’s Jason’s write-up on his visit, where makes a really good case for why you might want to consider sponsoring this wonderful organization that gives animals a second chance.

A Chance for Bliss, if you haven’t heard them before or only know the name, could be called “A Senior Home for Pets”, but that’s only half the story. What it really is is a combination paradise for pets in the last stages of their life, and a rescue home for abused, mistreated and lost animals, not only of the domestic pet variety but farm animals as well. If it’s domesticated and sticks around, A Chance for Bliss will take it.

Photo Gallery: A Visit to A Chance for Bliss

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