A 360 Degree Video of ArcAttack Turning Electricity Into Music Using Tesla Coils at Maker Faire Austin

Caleb Kraft used a Ricoh Theta S camera to capture 360 degree footage of ArcAttack turning electricity into wonderful music using Tesla coils at Maker Faire Austin 2016.

The show consists of bolts of lightning ripping through the air at different frequencies to play music, something that is nearly indescribable when you feel it in person. At one point, the guitar player will don a chain maille suit allowing him to play a solo with the arcs of lightning actually hitting him (safely passing through his suit to the metal mesh on the floor below). The rest of their Maker Faire version of the show consists of bringing volunteers on stage, placing them inside a protective faraday cage, and letting them dance while being blasted with tens of thousands of volts. (read more)