‘8Bit Generation’, A Documentary Featuring Over 60 Interviews With People Involved in the Personal Computer Revolution

8Bit Generation is a documentary that features over 60 interviews with the people involved in the personal computer revolution, including previously unreleased talks with Commodore founder Jack Tramiel, engineer Chuck Peddle, game developer Richard Garriott.

Bruno Grampa, one of the producers of the documentary, showed sample footage and spoke with Jason Scott at XOXO 2014 about the future of the documentary, which ran out of funding and was at risk of not being completed.

8bit Generation is a labor of love, from people who love the 8bit era, for people who are passionate or simply curious about it

8bit is a generation of machines, both computer and videogames, based on 8bit microprocessors starting from the early 70’s all the way to the end of the 80’s, often defined by blocky graphics, few colors, simple sounds and weird case designs

8bit is a generation of young entrepreneurs, engineers, visionaries, dreamers, geniuses who wanted to change their lives and ended up changing the world we live in, giving birth to one of the most important revolution in the history of mankind

8bit is a generation of kids in their teens that came to be exposed to the influence of those wonderfully primitive machines and learned firsthand what a computer is, how it works and how can change your life….and never forgot

The team behind 8Bit Generation has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the finishing funds needed to complete and distribute the documentary.

Thanks Jason Scott!