Laughing Squid 5th Anniversary Celebration
photo by Margot Duane

Saturday, January 13th, 2001

The Great American Music Hall
859 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco



Margot Duane


Dr. Howland Owll

Dr. Howland Owll returns for the third year in a row as our illustrious Master of Ceremonies. You may recall him from the halcyon days of Chicken John's "You Asked For It!" weekly game show or as his alter ego, Hal Robins in our inaugural and anniversary Tentacle Sessions series. In addition to being Master of Church Secrets for The Church of the SubGenius and (with the enigmatic and refulgent "Puzzling Evidence") co-host of the KPFA Subgenius Radio Hour, Dr. Hal (as he is known to ichthyologists everywhere) is also one of S.F.'s premier cartoonists, finest underground performers and most well loved though typically penniless bon-vivants.

Jarico Reese's
Dead Man Record Show

Jarico Reese has mugged it up with L.A. Cacophony's desperate and violent clowns, eaten Cheerios casseroles and been chased out of innumerable towns as part of Circus Redickuless, led 30 clueless gringos into the depths of Mexico for the annual Festival Pyrotechnicos and founded the San Francisco Bike Rodeo among countless other absurd activities. On day some guy died and Jarico Resse came across his record collection at the junkyard. The rest is aural history.


SuperSnail, a delicious online archive of beautiful and bizarre photo portraits, presents a fast paced slide show of astounding imagery from Burning Man and other events that you may have seen posted to The Squid List over the last few years. Don't blink.


mikl-em is a regular performer with The Fringe and Dada Festivals and alumni of Popcorn Anti-Theater. A wordsmith with a penchant for the jujube turn of a phrase, mikl co-produces (and has presented for) Laughing Squid's monthly Tentacle Sessions and tonight he will explore and expound upon the past and future of this monthly artist series.

Point Arena Station

Mendocino County's artists enclave at Point Arena presents "A CyberWestern: Life On the Cable", a text and sound driven piece that examines and parodies the North Coast/SF cyber connection -- where the green meets the silver. It includes music, dance, singing, video and spoken dialogue. and katy bell and katy bell, the hosts of San Francisco's scandalous incarnation of the spirit of dada, The DadaFest, bring you "dada bondage".

Christopher Karney

Dangerously violent card thrower Christopher Karney will assault you with bicycle mayhem, card tricks, stand-up comedy, straight jacket escapes and other things that our lawyers will not let us mention.

Daniel Browning Smith
The Amazing Rubberboy

Daniel Browning Smith is the Guinness World Record holder for "The Fastest Time Getting INTO a locked straitjacket". He has made appearances on Penn & Tellerís Sin City Spectacular, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Guinness Book of World Records, and too many other shows to list here.

Lil' Poo Angel

Straight from our favorite little watering hole, The Hush Hush Lounge, Lil' Poo Angel is a winged, golden turd that sings and tap dances. What more could you ask for?

The Sister Sock Show

The Sister Sock Show, featuring some of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, was founded in 1996 and is most noted for forced audience participation, projectiles and poorly executed narrative.

Fresh Robots

Fresh Robots is a sketch comedy group devoid of robots or freshness. Consisting of SF comedians, the Robots consistently sell out the Punch Line Comedy Club, and the SF Gate called them 'sketch comedy of the highest order.'

David Capurro

David Capurro is the fastest Yo-Yo Player on the west coast and possibly in the world. You may remember him as a regular on Chicken John's infamous weekly game show, "You Asked For It" where he answered that age-old question: "What would happen if you combined yo-yo's with Black Sabbath?"

Chicken John's
Celebrity Roast

Chicken John presents a retrospective and celebrity roast, toasting Laughing Squid and all it has done for us this past 5 years. Chicken presents the past on a platter and gives you all the patter that matters. In this self-congratulatory ego bath, Chicken will do what he does best, make it easy to hate him. As he grinds through performance, stunt, prank, circus, robot, hippy love fest and of course skipping. His intention is to honor them by rending them to dust, grinding and a grinnin'. After he has announced the theme and moniker for the comming millenium, a short performance by Dammit the amazing wonderdog will bring the crowd to it's collective knees. And for a kicker, he will commit social, performance and spiritual suicide. This will be Chicken's first bay area appearance in over 8 months. Surely to be another stupid presentation by Dammit LTD.

Attaboy & Burke
appearing with The Box of Crayons!

Attaboy & Burke are SF Underground Verbal Dismantlers of immense proportions supported by Tasty Funkin' Goodness, forming Voltron to save insanity from the forces of monotony. Featuring morphine induced candy disspensing, spoons included. Pez for all!

Margalit and the Liquitones with Phat Man Dee!
plus the Big Daddy Bull Seal!, Anala and Simon Jaeger

Traveling all the way from Pittsburgh, PA just for this show, Margalit and the Liquitones perform attack jazz with a heart of gold, and a pocket full of plaid, acid, and Jerry Springer's underpants.... featuring the golden tones of the chanteuse Phat Man Dee, accompanied by the Liquitonic Entities, Monogahela Tall Paul (slap bass), Pennsylvania John Purse 2000 (guitar), and Korel Jon Tunador (accordion, tenor and soprano sax, ans slide whistle). Joining Margalit and the Liquitones shall be the fire eating belly dancer Anala, from Moritu Gyspy, The Big Daddy Bull Seal! and master percussionist Simon Jaeger.



The Mongol-Ettes


16mm bulldada by
Prof. Werner V. Slack

Two decades after the original spudboys first declared: "We're All Devo!", Mongoloid proudly takes up the "Duty now for the future" banner to profess the dire doctrine of de-evolution to a new generation of beautiful mutants. As the corporate rock industry manufactures an ever devolving sludge of uniform-grey grunge to the jaded MTV generation, Mongoloid delivers crisp "Sta-Prest" renditions of early Devo classics such as: "Uncontrollable Urge", "Jocko Homo", "Clockout", "Wiggly World", "Blockhead", "Girl U Want" and the ubiquitous "Whip It".


film projections by

Molli Simon
Craig Baldwin
Stephen Parr

Throughout the night, wonderfully obscure and bizarre 16mm films will be projected behind the stage by filmmakers/archivists Molli Simon, Craig Baldwin who runs ATA's weekly film series: "Other Cinema" and Stephen Parr, director of Oddball Film+Video, an extraordinary archive of unusual and hard to find films.


out in front

Doggie Diner Dog Heads
Art Cars
The Cyberbuss

Out in front of The Great American Music Hall you will find all three Doggie Diner dog heads from The Holy Trinity of the Dogminican Order, Art Cars including Harrod Blank's "Oh My God!" and Philo Northrup's "Truck In Flux" from the annual ArtCar Fest and The Cyberbuss, a wired silver bus that adventures over the land and through cyberspace documenting and webcasting along the way.


in the merchandise corner

5th Anniversary Poster


presented by

Ed Holmes
$teven Ra$pa

Throughout the evening, raffle tickets will be sold for a chance to win wonderful prizes to be presented by Tentacle Session alumni Ed Holmes and $teven Ra$pa with robotic assistance by Kal Spelletich and one of his SEEMEN machines. Here's what's up for grabs:

  • Burning Man care package including 2 tickets to Burning Man 2001

  • dinner for two at Caffè Proust

  • one year free admission to The Tentacle Sessions

  • 1 year of free web hosting from Laughing Squid Web Hosting

  • an secret urban adventure for two provided by John Law

  • original signed, matted and framed photographic print from Margot Duane

  • books from the Last Gasp catalog (package #1)

    • Robert Crumb: My Troubles With Women
    • Visual Addiction: The Art of Robert Williams
    • Secret Mystic Rites: The Art of Todd Schorr

  • books from the Last Gasp catalog (package #2)

    • The Summer of Love: Haight-Ashbury at its Highest
    • Kustom Kulture: Von Dutch, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Robert Willams & Others
    • Leeteg of Tahiti: Paintings From the Villa Velour
    • Struggle: The Art of Szukalski

  • 3x4 ft. signed photo by Barb Traub

production services provided by Complex Corporation

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