5-Second Films, Hilarious Super Short Videos

The Final Battle: In the Land of Fyffynthoth, most of the demonic winged creatures are actually just friendly dudes who are trying to get you anything you may want – lollies, more TV time, a scoop of ice cream. But Malazar the Wizard was having none of that bunk.

Betty’s Coffee: Putting to rest the age-old mystery of “Your Mom” jokes, and in it’s place begins a new regime of terror.

Joy Ride: When the cops do drunk-stops in this town, they usually make you get out and walk a straight line while high-fiving them and reciting the lyrics to “Back in Black” backwards. Nobody gets that last part right, so then you go to prison for the night.

Guilt Food: The Ivetouchedlittleboysenberry flavor is a personal favorite. [gets put on government watchlist]

You Got Mail

Proving once again that the simplest and in this case, shortest, ideas are often the best, 5-Second Films makes, yes, films that are 5 seconds in length. They have already made over 700 of these super short films so far and funny enough, the film’s description are often longer than the actual film. Sprinkled with spectacular celebrity appearances such as comedian Patton Oswalt and actress Juliette Lewis, it can be hard to stop watching and laughing.

Brian Firenzi created 5-Second Films in 2005 “after being disappointed by so many 5,400-second films”.

The rules are simple: 2 seconds of beginning titles, 5 seconds of film, 1 second of end titles. If you take umbrage with these 5sfs running at an actual length of 8 seconds, we can only assume you’re no fun at dinner parties.

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff