46 Shots From Rogue One That Never Actually Made It Into the Final Version of the Star Wars Film

Film editor Vashi Nedomansky has created an interesting video essay that explores 46 shots from Rogue One, shared in the film’s promotional material, that never actually made it into the final version of the movie.

Apparently 40% of the film was reshot which leads one to believe that changes in the tone, structure and story occurred for whatever reason. The bottom line is you still have to sell and promote the final product that the paying audience will see. The trailer is the hook. It’s eye candy. It’s a device to entice. It can tell the whole story or just a part. There are no rules. You can give it all away or allude to something that may not actually happen. Given all the material presented for ROGUE ONE…I’ve highlighted the 46 shots that were presented in the trailers that for whatever reason never made the final cut. (read more)