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4'33" featured on iTunes

Semi-obscure music fans rejoice: iTunes is currently featuring “Four Minutes, Thirty Three Seconds” by John Cage as their Discovery Download of the week! For those that don’t know, 4’33” is a composition in which Cage instructs the musician not to play anything at all for four minutes and thirty three seconds. It’s the sort of piece that was written to insite conversation in high school intro to music classes and to be a long running joke for music majors for generations to come. I’ve got to admit it’s really cool to see iTunes feature it so prominently in their store. Maybe it will encourage a few people to check out some of Cage’s other pieces (like his scores for prepared piano).

Inspired by John Cage’s composition of silence, I have created a few musical re-interpretations for you:

4’33” iPhone ringtone (inspired by @sfslim)

4’33” Drown Radio’s Bangin’ Remix

Cage VS Rock (a mashup of 4’33” with A.R.’s “Lucy”)

And here are some related pieces culled from the internets. If you have any you’d like to share, please post them in the comments below:

John Cage Vs. Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese “4:33 Erotic Emergency” by Catcubed

4’33” of the return on BART from Paule Anglim by ifyouseeclay

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