1949 National Candy Wholesalers Association Salesman Catalog

The 1949 salesman’s catalog from the National Candy Wholesalers Association is full of great images and slogans for making confectionery sales. View the entire gallery over at Tick Tock Toys.

Jaw Teasers, You can’t fool the smartest buyers in America — the “small fry” with their pennies for gum and candy.

Life Savers, The candy with the hole

Pecan Pete

Greenfield’s Chocolate Sponge, A favorite for 50 years with young and old

Jelly beans, Smartly packaged

Chocolate flavor Babies, Loved by children

Skipper Flying Saucer Bubble Gum, The children like a change…Shaped like Flying Saucers…

Nestle’s Sportsman’s Chocolate Bracer, A Man’s Chocolate…a real chocolate pleasing to a man’s taste

Nickel Naks, America’s Favorite Candy, America’s Favorite Price

via The Presurfer and Everlasting Blort

images via Tick Tock Toys

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff