15 Minutes of Fireworks Go Off in 15 Seconds in San Diego Show

At the Port of San Diego’s Big Bay Boom fireworks show on July 4, 2012, spectators watched as 15 minutes of fireworks accidentally went off in 15 seconds due to a technical error. The footage of the malfunctioned show was shot by myTwinBees and put on YouTube.

A statement was soon issued from the Port of San Diego in San Diego, California:

Approximately 5 minutes before the show was to start, a signal was sent to the barges that would set the timing for the rest of the show after the introduction. There were a number of preliminary test signals sent hours and minutes leading up to the show. All these signals tested properly according to Garden State Fireworks, the fireworks company that provides the show.

The Garden State Fireworks team will be working throughout the night to determine what technical problem caused the entire show to be launched in about 15 seconds.

We apologize for the brevity of the show and the technical difficulties.

Here’s another, very loud, video by danwroy of the San Diego uber fireworks display.

Thanks Ken Dashner!

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