10 Questions For GOP Candidates: Warrantless Wiretapping

As part of MTV’s Presidential Dialogue series, on November 28th Republican candidates for President will be asked 10 questions in the form of videos created by the community (Democrats were asked questions back in July). The website 10 Questions is tracking the questions being submitted and the top 10 questions with the most votes will be presented to the candidates for their response.

Our friends Susie Kameny, along with Eddie Codel and Ori Neidich, produced a video where Kim LeBiavant asks a very important question about Warrantless Wiretapping in reference to EFF’s case against AT&T.

So my friends and I made a video question for the GOP YouTube debate for NOV. 28th (don’t miss the action!). Who knows if it will get picked. But I would love some help in voting for it on 10questions.com, as it is currently ranked #2….whoooo hooo!



So there is a court case going on that details how ATT down on Folsom Street in SF had a secret room that they have been wiretapping all of our domestic electronic communications. The 4th amendment protects us from warrantless wiretaps. So we filmed this question….

Thanks to Kim LeBiavant (eight months pregnant, question asker), Eddie Codel (videographer), Ori Neidich (editor), Dan Ancona (script assistance) and of course me, Susie Kameny.

You can vote for the Warrantless Wiretapping question on the 10 Questions website.

Also, the top voted question as of 10am EST tomorrow Monday, October 29th, will be asked of Senator Barack Obama later in the day at 1:30pm EST.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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