The Lush Underwater Gardens of Competitive Aquascaping

Competitve Aquascaping
“Whisper of the pines” by Serkan Çetinkol. Turkey. 2013 IAPLC Top 27

The lush underwater gardens in these photos are all competition-grade examples of aquascaping, the craft of artfully arranging aquatic plants, rocks, and other items in an aquarium. Competitive aquascaping enthusiasts compete in a number of international contests including the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest in Japan and the Planted Aquarium Design Contest in Russia. For more aquascaping photos, see this Colossal post.

Competitve Aquascaping
“Way to heaven” by Dmitriy Parshin. Russia.

Competitve Aquascaping
Long Tran Hoang, Vietnam. 2012 IAPLC Third Place.

Competitve Aquascaping
“Pale Wind” by Takayuki Fukada. Japan. 2013 IAPLC Gold Prize

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Written by EDW Lynch

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